Fishing with Grandpa (Book + "Lenny" Five of Diamonds™ Lure)

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Fishing with Grandpa

By Jessica Pallister-Dew

Featuring bright photography and colourful illustration, this story is about a Grandpa teaching his two grandchildren — Ellie and Max — to fish. Grandpa must exercise patience while encouraging the kids to do the same.

Tag along on their adventure to remember that the best memories are made outside with family and friends.

Package includes "Lenny" the lure! (Size No. 00 - Barbless Hook)


A Note from the Author

We have received many heart-felt messages over the years. These messages tell stories of parents, grandparents, and friends passing down their passion for fishing (and their favourite Len Thompson fishing lures). We hope this story brings back good memories for adults while inspiring a new generation of young anglers… My son Max and niece Ellie being only two of them.